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Subwoofer Isolation Controversy and SVS Affiliate Program Clarification

I had some unfavorable feedback after I made the Subwoofer Isolation System video, which on the time I assumed was a slam dunk, and I feel I’ve discovered why… Vv Click “SHOW MORE” vV

I needed to mix this video in YouTube’s editor as a result of my digicam cuts off at 12:55 in 4K, and the editor solely produces 1080p.

Hopefully this video clears a couple of issues up. I am an enormous fan of SVS, they have been supportive of what I’ve been attempting to do with this channel very early on. I really feel their help has made this channel higher total.

The SVS Channel:

That mentioned, I cannot give them a optimistic evaluation if they do not 100% deserve it. If you learn loads of critiques, you may discover a development of different reviewers complaining about this, it is laborious to search out fault with SVS merchandise. They’re like that annoying child in college that at all times has the fitting reply. It’s a superb drawback to have, however I perceive the way it might make somebody query my integrity.

I must also level out that my affiliation with SVS is NOT unique. My Best Subwoofer List consists of different manufacturers, and these manufacturers and different good subwoofer manufacturers are inspired to get in contact.

So with regards to isolation, it is a controversial concern, and now it is clear to me why. If you could have a concrete ground, you are not going to have the identical issues I face. My ground makes noise while you stomp on it. I perceive why folks with inert flooring (concrete) would object, whereas others recognize the worth.

There’s been a number of ugliness over this concern. I feel it is an enormous flip off when folks resort to insulting one another, and it isn’t good for the passion.

Some may assume that as a result of the isolating ft “look” identical to different cupboard ft, that they are going to react the identical manner. The ft on my HSU VTF-15 MK1 look identical to the SVS Isolating ft, however supply zero isolation properties. I am NOT knocking the HSU ft; they by no means claimed their ft isolate, so far as I am conscious. They are laborious and supply no flexibility, whereas the SVS Isolation System ft are pliable. The inventory ft on SVS subs are not any higher.

The level is that the SVS Isolation System ft do operate in another way from most ft, and aren’t simply low cost components in an “costly” field. But whether or not they are going to enhance your bass possible has extra to do along with your ground slightly than their design.

I consider that is the supply of the controversy, and hopefully the controversy can transition to a extra well mannered and cheap dialogue of lively vs inert flooring. (wooden vs concrete)

Without a doubt, I am glad to have isolation once more. I’ve not been paid to say that!!

***Gear and Links***

Subwoofers ought to reproduce high quality sound with authority all through the humanly audible bass spectrum (20-100 hertz). Most ported subwoofers don’t.

Browse this channel and for layman’s tech recommendation, product critiques, content material critiques, and suggestions. It’s OK to be new right here, that is the entire level!

While I take advantage of affiliate hyperlinks to help this channel and the web site, my opinions are 100% my very own. Subscribing, likes, feedback, and shares all assist loads too! Shares assist this channel probably the most!

Subwoofer 101 is the world’s first SVS affiliate, so should you point out Subwoofer 101, it will possibly assist help this channel.

SVS Bill of Rights, applies to new AND Outlet gadgets, together with full 5 12 months guarantee: To guarantee full Bill of Rights protection, together with commerce in and return insurance policies, you possibly can order instantly from SVS following these hyperlinks. If you buy them anyplace else, you might be topic to that retailer’s return insurance policies.

Here is the setup on the time of add:

Amplifier Denon X6200W:

Tried the Marantz, liked it aside from the portal show, most well-liked the general sound:

Provided on a demo foundation by SVS:



Atmos/DTS:X/Auro 3D top impact audio system:


Dual PB-16 Ultra!:

SVS Soundpath Subwoofer Isolation System:

Speaker wire:

Subwoofer cable:

LG 4K 3D that I changed earlier Vizio with a Square Trade sort guarantee. Love the LG, some points apart. Going via Amazon means you possibly can get a decently priced 5 12 months guarantee (strongly suggest for TV’s and AVR’s)

Measurement Mic to be used with Room EQ Wizard:

Room EQ Wizard (free, donations inspired for the man that created it-not me):

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14 thoughts on “Subwoofer Isolation Controversy and SVS Affiliate Program Clarification

  1. hey guy… you go on and on about loaner basis. Thats why SVS speakers are so expensive because they offer free shipping. And so many people return. Anyhow, just ordered 2nd pb-2000 to accompany my ultra bookshelves (which I got amazing deal out outlet store thanks to people like you)… I'm just torn on how to do side and 7.1 speakers…. I have a wide room… should I go with prime satelites in front and prime sides ?

  2. Thanks for being so forthcoming and showing the pie where it matters. It shuts a lot of people up and most youtubers wouldn't have the balls to show off their analytics page.

    You do a good job, keep it up! Hopefully the channel starts to grow more as your channel is one of the very few that doesn't bullshit around the bush.

    As for other ideas, maybe you can look at expanding your horizons more. You mentioned Velodyne partnership is already in the works, but you know – there are many other subs out there to look at as well.

  3. enjoyed every video, keep up the good work. Thank you 👍

  4. Very good and informative video as usual,my thing is am more swayed towards the SB16 ultras and would like to know if there's a difference in performance when it's compared with the PB 16 ultra,have been told the SB16 ultra have a much deeper bass kick but would be glad if you can give me your expert opinion.

  5. Always liked your videos and never worried about your affiliate with svs. You do a great job and I have never regretted buying PB 2000

  6. I really like your videos and they have helped out alot, i ended Up with Dual pb-1000s because of this channel, and i probably buy 2 more when i can afford them, Keep Up the good work bud! looking forward for next update 👍greetings from Sweden.

  7. The feet from svs fixed everything for me no rattle of things in my room anymore etc. and clean sound .

  8. I enjoy your videos- but as you've realized, you do have to be up front if you are being compensated (no matter how small) for your videos. Please keep up the good videos!

  9. what are the name brand of your towers you use? I love your videos. thanks.

  10. What if your main speaker woofers are bigger than your subwoofer?

  11. I have the isolation feet and I have a carpeted room and the reason is I live in a condo so anything that helps stop the bass for going to my neighbor downstairs helps. So that's why, I had them before I saw your video though. Anyway great channel, keep up the good work and keep raking in the big bucks! 😉

  12. Nice video! I never took you for a sell-out. I have tried many of the things you have talked about and had good results to show from it. SVS is a reputable brand and their products are found in many die hard enthusiast setups for a good reason!

    Keep up the good work sir, i really enjoy your videos and i have learned a great deal!

  13. 100 percent agree with this video. I had my setup downstairs on concrete floor and then I moved it up stairs in my loft on hardwood floor because I setup a 130 inch projection. Totally different sound coming from the subs. They sounded much better on the concrete. I will try the isolation feet on my hsu vtf 3 mk5. I will report back and see if it helped the sound. You have a great channel to help people get good equipment and knowledge setting up systems. Don't understand why people bash other people for trying to help doing a hobby they love. By the way u should go projection if u have the chance It is absolutely amazing watching on a 130 inch screen. Keep doing what you are doing and don't worry about these idiots questioning your motives.

  14. I just want to know from u ,No marketing.Just be real with me on this one.Since u have tried out Dual pb-16 ultra subwoofer.And u have been really big on the Dual PB-2000S and told me amazing things about the dual pb-2000s.At the end of the day ,Really here comes to truth of this question.What subwoofers do u think are better for u and why.

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