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Tea Time – Nintendo Creators Program And Why It Sucks – Nintendo Affiliate Program

Nintendo Creator Program (Nintendo Affiliate Program) website –

Nintendo has introduced the beta of their Creator Program (initially referred to as Nintendo Affiliate Program). TL;DR – It sucks.

Basically, as an alternative of getting 100% of advert income such as you do with most video games, you may solely get about 60% for Nintendo as a result of they suppose, on top of their sale to you and the sales you create from displaying off their product, they need to additionally get a big chunk of the content material you create utilizing it.

“But you are utilizing their content material to make money! They ought to get some/all of it! That’s completely like importing a film and commenting over it! Also, I like the best way home windows style!!”

One of as of late I am going to make a video dumping throughout these horrible analogies, however at the moment ain’t that day. Suffice it to say that no, that is not comparable and there’s a motive that there’s a massive shift with devs/publishers actively searching for out YouTubers and streamers to point out off their sport. Go ask some Indie devs how a lot they love when main channels like NorthernLion, Pewdiepie, Markiplier, or Total Biscuit showcase their sport.

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8 thoughts on “Tea Time – Nintendo Creators Program And Why It Sucks – Nintendo Affiliate Program

  1. the problem is that now, because of Nintendo, the other manufacturers of games, will adopt the same policy, and we will succeed because of that stupid youtuber will accept all that

  2. I just started a petition on to put a stop to Nintendo's Creator's program. If you're interested in, you can sign my petition here:

  3. When you have 20 or 30 different companies getting their cut of say $100.00. You might be lucky to get 5 bucks when everything is said & done & even then, Uncle Sam wants his cut.

  4. I completely agree, it really sucks since nintendo make such good quality games, awesome video, (btw you don't need friend codes on wii u :p)

  5. 10/10 would cat again ~IGN

  6. Very informative thanks i subscribed.
    I was thinking of registering just nintendo related videos which on my channel is basically trailer analisis in spanish their future games. I'm kind of fed up of seeing copyright claims on them considering the footage is from the trailers not gameplay. Dunno if a trailer analisis falls under "criticisms/Review" but i do believe it would fall under fair use.
    I like you dont earn anything from YT it just grinds me seeing the damn claim. Also because i'm a small channel i don't really dare argue against the claims because of how bad YT works and how easily Nintendo could get my growing channel striked unfairly :/ but then I love most Nintendo games so I'm at a crossroads.
    Just to completely fill you in I recently got partnered with TGN so i'm not even sure if I could use this programme on just Nintendo videos. 
    After watching your video I doubt I'll join it because like you I don't want this getting popular but I would like your opinion on what i've said 🙂

  7. "I just don't feel pretty today" well you'll always be pretty to me <3

  8. I do not do videos but I am inclined to agree with you dear sir.

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