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Testimonial For Our Payday Loan Affiliate Program –

We are the one UK payday mortgage affiliate program to offer a free porfessionally designed web site, internet hosting and area with all of our payday mortgage reseller applications.

Why is our programme the very best for you? Simple, our Pingtree platform has been developed to take each lead equipped and current it to the widest panel of lenders in the trade with over 50 totally different mortgage firms. This offers our associates with the absolute best conversion fee and the most important pay out in the trade.

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6 thoughts on “Testimonial For Our Payday Loan Affiliate Program –

  1. Hi,

    Really good to hear from you again.

    We don't pay our affiliates for their testimonials. Most are happy to provide them, either by video or written.

    The card you refer to might be a list of bullet points we send affiliates to give them an idea of what to say. Most have never done anything like this before, so have little idea of what to say.

    Many thanks again,

    Lizzy 🙂 xx

  2. The only thing missing from this video is the gun pointing at her head making her say that haha. shes barely able to read the card with the info on. please just dont do this. your destroying your soul.

  3. its not random, it explains why this person is lying on youtube for money.
    This is a scam.

  4. Hi,

    Really nice to hear from you.

    Your message is a little random – have we offended you in anyway? If so, we are terribly sorry. If you care to contact us I am sorry we'll be able to put things right for you –

    We'll look forward to hearing from you.

    Lizzy 🙂 xx

  5. ARE YOU FOR REAL? no of course not. but dumb people fall for dumb shit

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