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The Twitch Affiliate Program

Twitch is displaying the small streamers some love.

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25 thoughts on “The Twitch Affiliate Program

  1. you look like little finger

  2. how do i get the affiliate thing?

  3. Im new to twitch but im growing nicely. I cant figure out how to get the bits donation thing on my stream. Can you do a tutorial?

  4. ah thank you kind sir.

  5. This was a really difficult decision for me. I was double streaming as well on both Twitch and Beam… but then ultimately after looking at what the affiliates program is, and how much more traffic and growth I was getting from Twitch, I decided to sign on to Affiliates. It just seemed like a good for me especially with the frequency that I stream (6days/wk 4-6 hrs/day). Affiliates does require exclusivity of the live audio-video broadcast file for 24 hours, after which you can post it elsewhere. So since I do a weekly podcast that I live stream, the exclusivity doesn't apply audio-only and therefore I can throw it on my RSS feed immediately… I think the decision is something you have to consider for yourself and the way you run things. If you can migrate your stream-watching audience to Twitch, I think it's a good idea, otherwise maybe just stick to YT unless all of the issues with YT's advertisers really goes downhill…

  6. A great site to earn is SHARKOIN

  7. i just followed you on Twitch nice video dood

  8. I'd still go both, but I admit I'm biased (I'm one of the people that have problems with Twitch)

  9. Oh i just registered myself for the Affiliate program, after i got the invite yesterday.
    Haven't considered the simultanous streaming… hope im still allowed to do that.
    Tbh i didnt entirely read eveything 😀

  10. $0.01 per bit doesn't seem worth it until more options for affiliate's come out.

  11. As previous people have said, You Tube is screwing the content providers and it sounds like Twitch is trying to give another avenue. I say go for the people who seem to want you. I know several people who upload YT and stream Twitch.

  12. "As someone who doesn't stream fulltime" spent entire last month streaming Andromeda every single day

    In all seriousness, though, it does sound like a good program, and I hope you get your invite and that it really helps you grow. You still don't have anywhere near as many subs as you should.

  13. this sounds great good luck man you deserve it!

  14. i got the invitation today! wooooo

  15. I would say go with Twitch if it helps you financially. But also I would suggest creating a separate channel where you can upload VODs of the streams, if that doesn't conflict with Twitch's terms & conditions.

  16. If it supports you then you have my vote to only stream on twitch.

  17. both YouTube and twitch streaming

  18. Due to how YouTube is being an arse, you should go to other venues to help provide for you and your GF.

  19. You should keep doing it on both.

  20. my first choice is YouTube but I am following you on twitch as well.
    it all comes down to what you want to do and what pays your bills.

  21. I say go with Twitch. Just take a look at Gopher and how well he does. You could also make a second YouTube channel entirely devoted to past Twitch streams so that the YouTube audience doesn't have to migrate over to Twitch.

  22. I say twitch stream.

  23. you should keep streaming on both youtube and twitch

  24. You owe it to yourself to always explore different avenues for revenue streams and this Twitch Affiliate program seems like a good way to expand your audience and hopefully increase your income.

    You also mentioned before about how the current YouTube Ad issue is affecting your income I believe in another video, and while you said you have saved enough to be cool for a few months, this new potential stream of revenue would hopefully help you and make you less reliant on savings.

    Worst case scenario, you could always stream on Twitch and then upload the VOD to YouTube afterwards, which I have seen a few YouTubers such as Jesse Cox and Dodger do (they are partnered I believe).

  25. almost 92k

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