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Thoughts about Twitch’s Affiliate Program

It’s robust however I will attempt to learn all the feedback, please go away one telling me which a part of the video you preferred essentially the most!

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20 thoughts on “Thoughts about Twitch’s Affiliate Program

  1. Great video! I was looking to get back into streaming and this affiliate program was the spark I needed to get motivated and get things done.

  2. SO now small streams get bogged down by .10cent bit donations so that kids can have senpai notice them. Bits/donations are usually a huge distraction in smaller channels because the streamers acknowledge them all, some do a damn dance, etc. Chat and streams now get clogged with what I see as spam. Donation spam is still spam. I support the small streamers I watch. I use Patreon. I will do one-shot donations from time to time, often in addition to Patreon pledges. I can see how bits help Twitch out, but it's currently ruining a big part of why I enjoy smaller streamers over the huge partnered channels where chat is a mess, and the streams all focus on the same popular games. YAWN

  3. i feel like it should be a 500 follower minimum and 5viewers at all times

  4. AYYYY SPIDER MAN!!!!!!!!!!

  5. so basically I'm a fat Arnold Schwarzenegger

  6. Personally I think it's made to be accessible for plebs for a reason. This acts as a much higher revenue stream for Twitch, here's why: affiliates can be donated bits. Bits serve as an easily tracked statistic for hopeful streamers (pulling in the bits='good' stream) but what it really does is give Twitch an easy revenue stream for little to no work, they do not endorse the streamer and there is a 'bit tax' on those purchased by general users. I think it's good for the users but ultimately I think it's insanely good for twitch's money making.

  7. What's the intro song


  9. I enjoy these types of videos Trihex! Keep it up!

  10. informative as usual trihex

  11. i was on the fence about the verified badge since the badges are already getting out of control, but if it means you can demod a bunch of people who aren't moderating I'm all for it man. i've put at least 4 mods on ya channel on ignore for that full page spam bs.

    also, grats on finishing up your route for dnalsi my dude, that game is insane. you make it look way easier than it actually is.

  12. tfw your resub alert is showing at the beginning of the video PogChamp

  13. Couldn't agree more, affiliation program will give people guidance and motivation to go far with streaming, also adding distinction with a verified badge is a good idea to me since the whole username change system was implemented

    Sorry I haven't been around streams a lot been on that work grind hope to speak soon pal

  14. we need higher taxes on the top 1%

  15. Eyy I'm in there bois! TriSugoi. I think this is a good step, especially for streamers who just started. The jump to partnered seems so far away, this gives you a stepping stone to shoot for. I didn't make the 50 follower requirement for this round of invites, but hopefully I'm in there next time.

  16. Verified doesn't change anything. A streamer still has to be on the inside, either through social networking or some established MCN. It doesn't make sense for the brand. It doesn't promote the love of the game, and it doesn't promote entertaining, grassroots streamers.

  17. im really digging these real talk videos, keep em coming! FeelsAmazingMan

  18. tits sell. rule of life

  19. N O T I F I C A T I O N S B O Y Z

  20. never been so early…….

    that's all

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