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Thunder Lord Ornn Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

League of Legends Thunder Lord Ornn Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Ornn on their Thunder Lord Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in recreation.

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48 thoughts on “Thunder Lord Ornn Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

  1. oh hi there bard with horns~ 😀

  2. i'm still the king of CC

  3. i really think that the skin should have more thunder sounds, thunder sounds in every hability, hard thunders.. the only thing left is that the skin cost be more of 975 RP..

  4. can someone gift me skin i got permanent ban :C

  5. Anyone agreed that this should just be his base skin lol

  6. Worth 10 gem unlike that pax sivir wtf asf

  7. Welp , Ornn can call Fire and Storm elementals to battle.

    Yet Graves can't have his cigar?

  8. Thordin

  9. Thornn Confirmed

  10. When "Thunder Lord Poppy" release?

  11. Ao Shin looks good

  12. I would call him as ''Ordinn'' though.

  13. Love this skin, wish I had this champ

  14. wtf ik this voice rengoo

  15. i think this guy deserves a train ult make it happen rito

  16. Ornn W + Morg Q
    = a summoner has disconnected.

  17. Petition for a Snow Day Ornn skin where he summons a giant poro for his ult

  18. THOR is that you?

  19. He look so much like Olaf

  20. They shouldve made a ghost train skin on him. ALL ABOARD TOOT TOOT

  21. what is this championship skin dat recall xD

  22. can we get a Ornnstein skin :D?


  24. Thoughts on Ornn Support

  25. Daz dingo

  26. Another wow ripoff skin 😀

  27. i can finnaly Thor in league



  30. I thought it was Victorious Maokai

  31. What is the next? Ice ornn? Y

  32. It's thornn xD

  33. Thor xD

  34. I really don't see how somebody can dislike a video like this. It's just straight up plain good.

  35. looks like someone escaped from Ulduar

  36. Thornn

  37. victorius ornn it's real… LOL

  38. That means you can only play him with TLD?

  39. Another epic skin that is the first skin for that champion, riot make an epic skin for some older champions for god's sake…

  40. RIP Azir mains

  41. Can ornn use his other abilities when his ram is running towards him or

  42. Is he viabell in Jungle?

  43. It's Zudomon!!

  44. My main <3 tomorow babe

  45. 19 dislike volibear and ursins ^^

  46. R is EPIC

  47. Mini thor xd 😀

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