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Twitch Affiliate Program Announced | DB News

Twitch has introduced their Non Partner Affiliate Program immediately! The Twitch TV Affiliate Program will give a ton of advantages like Twitch Cheer Bits and extra!


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11 thoughts on “Twitch Affiliate Program Announced | DB News

  1. I have 50 followers, I have over 700 total minutes, and I have 7 unique broadcast days. However, I'm still not getting the average concu– wait. I've checked the concurrent views chart, and it's been fluctuating a bit. I have most streams of 3 viewers, 2 viewers, and one with 4 viewers. However, in the stats, for the last 30 days, I have an average of 2. Does this mean I'm getting close somehow?

  2. So when they say concurrent viewers, is the stat im looking for "max concurrent viewers" or just "concurrent viewers"?

  3. I got picked Hahaa 😀

  4. I GOT PICKED!!!!!

  5. I just got affiliated yesterday I've been streaming for about two years. I don't get the biggest audience but I have a loyal like 9 or 10 who always watch my channel. It felt good to get it even though it's much. It let's me know I'm headed in the right direction. For me it was never about the money but who wouldn't love doing something they have a good time with.

  6. Honestly I couldnt care less about the money. Yes its a cherry on top. But the fact that twitch is thinking about its small and growing streamers made me so happy today.

  7. I think this is a much-needed addition to twitch. There are a lot of great streamers out there that never got partnered.

  8. I think this is a much-needed addition to twitch. There are a lot of great streamers out there that never got partnered.

  9. I stream at least once every few years, so I'm almost there lol

  10. I have 13 followers.. so you're saying I have a chance? Kappa

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