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Twitch Affiliate Program – How almost anyone will be able to make money from Twitch!

Hey everybody!

I normally create video information for video games that I play, however as an rising content material creator on YouTube and Twitch, I figured I ought to make this video to let everybody learn about this HUGE growth that was introduced by Twitch on April 21st, 2017.

It’s superior to truly see smaller creators/streamers given an opportunity to truly earn some income from Twitch with out having to rely fully on donations. I am enthusiastic about this, and in the event you’re a content material creator, it is best to be too!


– Come hang around for quite a lot of video games previous and new, and basic gamer dork silliness!

– Stay up-to-date on Twitch streams, YouTube movies, and basic ideas about video games!

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17 thoughts on “Twitch Affiliate Program – How almost anyone will be able to make money from Twitch!

  1. @RRodAlmighty How does this work with tax? And how Does this work with consoles like ps4?

  2. What exactly do they mean by unique broadcast?

  3. Good video

  4. For the 3rd requirement should I be looking at my "max concurrent viewers" or just "concurrent viewers?"

  5. Hey. Great video, very detailed. If you don't mind me asking, we seem to have the same microphone, does it sound as good when you are streaming or have you added post effects to enhance its sound? 🙂

  6. I got invited! :'D What a milestone

  7. Do I have to pay for anything?

  8. I got invited. I tried to call twitch or send a ticket or whatever didn't go well. I saw as I was filling it out about taxes..IRS stuff. I don't think I can do this because I am on disability income. 🙁 Anyone know for sure?

  9. Good video. You could explain how much 1 bit is worth though? How do you farm bits too?

  10. Best affiliate breakdown I've seen. Thank you.


  12. just woke up to an email to be a affiliate hadn't even heard of this before

  13. I'm the Alienator

  14. This kinda motivate a lot more streamers too in a way

  15. I heard the steamer will only get $1 from the $5 subscription. Is this true?

  16. So excited for Twitch Affiliate Program

  17. This was needed for a long time and I am very glad it is finally here

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