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Twitch Affiliate program PSA

I wished to place out a PSA with the Twitch Affiliated program and simply level some issues out I seen.

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3 thoughts on “Twitch Affiliate program PSA

  1. So there are some issues in this video. He admits to not knowing much about bits so i will lay it out. you can watch ads for bits if you are in an area that twitch supports ads for bits. the primary way to getting bits is buying them from twitch. at the bottom end you get 100 bits for $1.40 (US) of that $0.40 goes to twitch and you have $1.00 in bits to give to a streamer. twitch takes there cut up front. and both the viewer and the streamer knows the worth of a bit. 1 bit = 1 cent. this is how it is all over twitch.

    Also on a side note about bits. they have charge back protection. and viewers i find are more trusting of twitch then a third party website for donations. (i get more bits then donations my self because of this) so i may not get as big a cut but i am willing to have that for the added security around bits for everyone involved.

    As for embedding the player in other websites. I honestly don't know about this. I would think that because you are going thought twitches system to do that you are good. but i would contact twitch support and ask to be safe. this part is spirit is to say you can't stream to twitch and other serves like hitbox, beam, youtube, etc at the same time wile you are a twitch affiliate.

    The last part i will touch on, they released a changed after this video went up to this section. if you have no activity on your stream for 12 months (No streaming activity) and have not made more then $100 they will deduct $25 or all of your donated money (what ever is lower) and send you the rest wile canceling the agreement. so if i make $10 and stop streaming for a year. they take the $10 and end the agreement. if i make $30 and stop streaming for a year they take $25 and send me $5 and end the agreement.

    I hope this helps

  2. No, it sounds like you are pretty spot on from what I see and understand. And what the biggest problem I have is what it viewers paid for those Bits and it doesn't add up? Personally, I will point out that there are ads to watch, I think that is a part of Twitch's angle (am I wrong?) To boost money by having ads being viewed all the time.
    But anyway, it becomes wasted if it doesn't make that $100 mark in two months.
    Keep your thoughts coming.

  3. Somebody tossed a dislike on this video, which only proves that they don't like information and definitely don't like having to use their brain to think about things before they decide on doing it or not

    Otherwise, obviously, a good video with solid information! It's definitely a tough call for people in your and my situation, where they have OTHER affiliations that are conflicted by this specific stipulation

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