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Twitch Affiliate Program

Earlier this week we discovered that Twitch was rolling out extra choices for subscribers. Now a brand new affiliate program has been revealed which goals at giving sure, non-partnered streamers, a means of producing revenue. Will or not it’s sufficient although? Find out on right this moment’s News Cartridge.

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zero:23 Two Worlds 2 Expansion Release Date

zero:32 Dawn of War three Open Beta Begins

zero:37 The Division Update 1.6.1

zero:47 FIFA 17 Added to EA and Origin Access

1:00 Super Bomberman R Update

1:20 Free Heroes of the Storm Character Bundle After Patch

1:46 Valve Implements Phone Number DRM for DotA 2 Ranked Games

2:35 Twitch Affiliate Program Announced

5:01 Game Releases

5:23 Joke/End Card

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14 thoughts on “Twitch Affiliate Program

  1. I'm streaming for 50 to 70 Viewers each Stream and a ultra active Chat!, in a Country with a population of only 8 Mio. Been denied 2 times… Have seen a lot partners with 20 to 30 viewers and no chat activity… :/ hope I will get once the partnership…. 💪🏼

  2. twitch new program is a joke in my mind

  3. Twitch is feeling the best from other streaming services. This is a "please don't jump ship" Hail Mary.

  4. Get off my lawn!

  5. Lol good joke

  6. Twitch will most likely act as it always has, "screw the little guys!" It's disgusting how the non-partnered streamers are treated

  7. Twitch will continue to be Twitchy. They won't change their inconsistencies. In fact, no way to apply ensures that its meant to be inconsistent. Twitch is set up to boost the partnered streamers and loose everyone who isn't making them lots of cash.

    Soon TM

    Who knows better? probably you, unless you mean for their wallet.

    They won't care if you had 10 people at once, what they will care about is that you have 3 people at all times from the beginning to the end never dropping blow. Not at 3 viewers in the first 10 secs? well, your screwed….

  8. instead of pre ordering to get early access i use EA access for the early access, yeah its only 10 hours but that's enough to last the few days before full release, and once the game fully releases i just buy it on places like G2A lol,

    The only time i had to create a second account was for battlefront, it was worth it tho lol.

    i'd rather chop my dick off than pre order LOL, so the fact that i can have early access without supporting the horrid pre order model means i actually LOVE EA access for what it is

  9. Don't call us, we'll call you lol well done twitch

  10. You run a news show, not liking things after a while is normal. Other than that good episode and passable joke

  11. I currently have an origin monthly sub. For 5$ a month i think its a good deal my son loves plants v zombies gw2 and i enjoy battlefield 3 & 4 as well as the crysis games and still havent had time to try mirrors edge. Good value imo

  12. the twitch thing when you say 50 subs do you mean followers

  13. 1st

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