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Twitch Talk – Affiliate Program

Is the brand new Affiliate Program with Twitch a very good factor? Why are folks fearful about it? — Watch dwell at

“affiliate program”, Views: 1030 ,Ratings: four.64 ,Time: 1493203545 ,Date: 2017-04-26 10:45:45 ,Duration: 43:39 ,Author: UCYyhBrUFxGQy7mVfyHuZnrQ ,Author Title : Say No To Rage ,

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7 thoughts on “Twitch Talk – Affiliate Program

  1. There are some things that partners get that us plebs don't for a start you have unlimeted upload rate so you can actually stream in 1080p 60fps… quality is important… and you also had auto transcoding (which everyone now has) but back in the day 2015 i was sure that having things like auto transcoding and the ability to broadcast at 1080p would definitely help.. these days though you don't need a sub button in order to pump out a good high quality stream.

  2. Found it!

  3. bit a flip of opinion, is this becuase more info was released or knowing things are changing and you are willing to change as well? or was the previous opinion not popular?

    edit: just finished the video, glad you gave an explanation

  4. I know the Affiliate program won't change viewership, but it will give me a reason to do a drunk stream.

  5. story of my life. On social media I am always like a bottle rocket. I was doing great on dark souls 3. I was getting 5 to 10 followers a week. My views were average 4 to 5. Right as the new dlc comes out I bottomed out, I couldn't get growth their anymore. and now back to game hoping and my growth is pretty much dead at this point. I don't qualify for this stupid program how bad I've been doing :;sad face::

    People think you don't like smaller streamers. LOL. Nah if anything I think your harder on partnered streamers. I heard your lazy day rant.

  6. Make sure you read the WHOLE CONTRACT!

  7. Is the new Affiliate Program with Twitch a good thing? Why are people fearful about it? — Watch live at

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