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Vlog: Nintendo Announces YouTube Affiliate Program | WikiGameGuides

“A few tweets from the official Nintendo Twitter this morning state that these customers who need to document movies of Nintendo video games for YouTube might want to get permission from Nintendo, through an affiliate advert income sharing program.
Under this affiliate program, revenues shall be shared between Google, Nintendo and the video creator. Nintendo notes that it has already begun tagging current YouTube movies of Nintendo video games, and Nintendo adverts are showing on these movies.”
Via Gamasutra
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38 thoughts on “Vlog: Nintendo Announces YouTube Affiliate Program | WikiGameGuides

  1. Dont stop making videos they're awesome

  2. so you cant record nintendo games without permission

  3. Holy shit you lost a lot of weight.

  4. I really love nintendo.. But they are assholes for this. I actually heard about this a while back, but you explained it in better detail for me. I am pissed off that i even thought about uploading nintendo videos anymore… Im just going to ignore it.

  5. John you are awesome I tried adding you on xbox but your friends list was full

  6. You Have A Pink Camera

  7. Nintendo = Almost, if not already, irrelevant.

  8. Hey man you do what you gotta do. Some people don't understand that while doing what you love is great, doing what you need to is more important. I wouldn't make Nintendo videos either if I'm not profiting from it, so I don't fault you at all if you never make another Nintendo video. Keep up the great work!

  9. fuckt up shit!

  10. Is this the Beer Baron..?? I think his monitor is too bright or it's the drugs he's on.
    Or the monitor is too big..

  11. So now Nintendo are being paid for their games being advertised…
    Thank god don't do Nintendo games :p

  12. the main scare factor of nintedos affiliate program, weather it works or not, is that companies like EA, UBI, Actavision, Square, etc. may, no WILL, take their example and do a similar programs themselves. However they are more likely to take a bigger cut than nintendo probably will. Or at first have it same or lower than nintendo, but increase it over time. Thats what truly scares youtube creators, have some of the big companies or all taking a share of the profit. This will force some youtube creators to retire, struggle, or get a job outside of their main job making youtube content. 

    And its sad to say but this was bound to happen. If not nintendo starting it, it would have been square, EA, UBI, acta/bliz, or Microsoft. 

  13. By the way Mario kart 8 comes out on friday for america, eu, and japan. sundy for ausies I think…

  14. There also could be positive benifits from the affiliate program, so long that its free and no requirements other than sign up
    1. Those who get a lot of views/profit for x game for x amount of time may get special gits or exclusives from nintendo. 
    2. Nintendo may have a agreement with youtube that youtube takes less of a profit cut for those who are affiliates to midigate some potential profit loss for having 3-4 parties sharing the profits. 
    3. Nintendo can get more of a response from gamer input and youtube creators with those who sign up to get better input that right now. 

  15. actually nintendo got rid of req for friend codes to play against others online. as well as the handheld online games, especially in recent years, have been brought up to par with the other consoles. Even many wii u games, mario kart 8 being the big one, have had good online modes. 

    Yeah it does suck were as before it was just youtube plus an option sponsor taking a % of profit and now nintendo will for nintendo centered videos. 

    However, we don't know how much and according to the statement from last year, they would only place ads and take profit from a video of a certain length. Probably means that podcast, gaming news, and multi-topic or short videos with nintendo games in them will be safe from profit sharing. As well we do not know how much nintendo share of the profit will be. Worse case it could be half or 90%, more reasonable it will vary from a case by case bases. Like a video critic of a nintendo game could have nintendo getting 1%-10% of profit. Or a entire lets play of a heavy story game video gives nintendo 10%-40% because it does have spoilers that people would rather watch an rpg than play one. See final fantasy fans for exple.

  16. To be fair we don't know how this is going to work. It might be that Nintendo will grant permission to Maker to use their games. They might be just adding a new affiliate program that people can join instead of Maker. We don't really know.

  17. Nintendo go…… FUCK YOURSELF

  18. I have a Legend of Zelda series running right now, it doesn't matter to me too much if it's De-monitized. I don't care much for the money, I understand that people that live off of Youtube Ad revenue might have some trouble with this. Still, as much as a Nintendo fanboy I am, I can admit that Nintendo is taking this in the wrong direction.

    I like the thing EA(?) did, I would think if Nintendo was to do something similar it would have a much better response. Hopefully Nintendo will find a better solution than this…like maybe a new Legend of Zelda? (HINT HINT). Anyways…that was my ranting. I do think I made a valid point though…if I had one…

  19. No one will do videos for Nintendo now. The reason they're doing this is because they're losing money.

  20. Well, Nintendo isn't getting anymore videos. 😀

  21. I totally love your views on all this nonsense

  22. So they want to get (more) money out of people that are already buying their games in order to make said videos and that are pretty much advertising their shit in said videos (i a way or another). Well played.

  23. I know this is unrelated to the video but you can get bf3 for free at!

  24. Fifa on YouTube is huge as well, so thats a plus

  25. U really need rest

  26. So let's get this straight they are putting ads on videos that are playing their games and taking a cut of the pay as well. Sounds to me that they're just mad for money.

  27. God damn it, every time I think Nintendo has gotten their internet shit together, they always come back with some bull like this. This isn't the way to get your name back to the status it was in the past Nintendo.

     I figure channels that focus on Pokemon and Mario/Mario-related games are gonna be hit the hardest by this which , ironically, are some the same channels that are getting the Nintendo brand out to new people (people like Hayduun and Shofu come to mind).

  28. time is money

  29. Great video. I hope all the best for you coming up.

  30. Well that's bull

  31. So, in other words: 

    -youtube 2/4 cents
    -nintendo 1.5/4 cents
    -you .5/4 cents

  32. Game on ^^

  33. This will just be the start of copyright claims made by all game developers.. so you can wave goodbye to all your let's play videos that are monetised.. sorry

  34. Nintendo seems to be doing everything it can to shut down broad online enjoyment of its games. Super smash bros was notoriously shut down in tournaments and streams because Nintendo was scared of the image of its fun casual fighting game appearing competitive. Their train of logic will only alienate potential fans and lose them money IMO.

  35. Nintendo u can suck it 

  36. U fugly

  37. everyone should stop doing nintendo games and start doing more of third party, sony, and microsoft

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