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Welcome to Lazada Affiliate Program!

All the belongings you want to know to kick-off your marketing campaign with Lazada!

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17 thoughts on “Welcome to Lazada Affiliate Program!

  1. A great site to earn is SHARKOIN

  2. is there any written instruction for us to follow clearly?

  3. you sound like Jackie Chan. 🙂 cute!

  4. will the link work on mobile as well if you created using chrome extension deeplink?

  5. Hi Im already apply for this program…. Hope to approve my application….Thanks and god bless


  7. let say we have adsense and also lazada affliates..when one page already hv adsense, u cannot share my lazada affliate link right?

  8. @lazada or anyone who can answer since im abit confused.. the Deep Link Picker so basically if i pick a banana as a product and generated a deep link with said product. they click the link and buy it. will i get commisions on it?

  9. yes words of pronounciation need improvement, its hard to catch up please

  10. More example pictures needed would be helpful : ) (Infographic/2D animation)

    Such as the Dont's
    Thee Auto-redirtection means when I randomly click a website and i auto direct me to Lazada shop?

    The Pop up/down – how does it looks like?

    What is brand/typo squatting on domain name and crawl Lazada website means?

    Lastly, I understand about the buy products using your own link but cannot use it for commercial purpose. What doest that mean cannot use it for commercial purpose?

    More explanation and pictures needed please thanks ^^

  11. in the billing section. what is Routing / ABA / Swift Number?.

  12. Please improve on accent please. You're pretty, but it's hard to catch up your on your words. Just an advise 😉

  13. You're so cute. Are u still single?

  14. I can't understand youy accentXD

  15. are we aloud to post promotions on facebook?

  16. thank you and have a nice day 🙂

  17. great sweet

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