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What Nintendo’s YouTube Affiliate Program Means For You – NVC Podcast

Nintendo and Google seem to have made a pact.

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29 thoughts on “What Nintendo’s YouTube Affiliate Program Means For You – NVC Podcast

  1. The number of irrelevant comments is amusing. Nintendo isn't saying you 'can't' do LPs or walkthrus of their games. All Nintendo is going to do is take a portion of the ad revenue since the games used contain their intellectual properties. In fact, LPers should be honored they're even allowed to make a single dime on an IP they don't own. And the 'free advertising' argument is even more irrelevant. Regardless if people make money off of Nintendo videos or not is moot, because people will upload gameplay if they feel like it or not. The small minority of LPers that make money will go away because they're complaining, while the people who actually care to upload their gameplay just for the fun of it will remain. Also, 'free advertising' is a terrible argument because people will specifically watch LPs to avoid buying a certain game. I wanted the new South Park game, but instead I just went online and watched the 3 hours of cutscenes the game had, thus Ubisoft missed out on a potential customer as a DIRECT result of LPs. The same could happen for games on Nintendo platforms like Zelda, Phoenix Wright, Metroid, Prof Layton, Fire Emblem, or Shin Megami Tensei. Why bother buying the latest Zelda game once you know how to solve several dungeon's puzzles? Why bother buying it if all you want are the spoilers that LPs can provide to you, and at the cost of $free.

  2. Nintendo is just stubborn and old fashioned, Let´s plays are free and are better marketing for any game than any bought dishonest corporate reviews.
    Nintendo just making things worse to itself and Wii U, or why any LPer should buy Wii U or any Nintendo games anymore ?

  3. What free advertisement from youtube lets play? Quick lets claim the videos as our property so that people stop advertising our games. The nerve of those youtubers. Nintendo is full of idiots…

  4. I think the LPers whining are just a bunch of greedy fucks only in it for the money because they don't know anything else and felt they can make an income making videos of themselves playing videos and hoping to get paid for it

  5. Nintendo is basically say FU …  WE DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO SHOW YOU OUR PRODUCT AND IF YOU WANT TO… YOUR TIME IS NOT WORTH MONEY (a minor amount of money).  I research games before I buy them and when I can I have bought games because someone else is playing it on youtube and I look at them and say, "Yes that is fun.. I should buy it."  This is just Nintendo making another bad decision after another.

  6. could that by why youtube purchased twitch ? to do adopt that thing where they black out certain parts of a game ? not necessarily for that reason alone but maybe idk, i dont buy companies lol

  7. My take on this is that it's more about control than getting a share of the ad revenue. If N gets to choose which videos can show segments of their games wouldn't they be inclined to deny that right to any YouTuber that is showing the game in a negative light and only approve those that show a positive spin?

  8. Nintendo is run by a bunch of retards.

  9. sigh nintendo

  10. Very sneaky by Nintendo. Claim videos and take 100% of the revenue. Then announce you're doing LP'ers a solid by giving them a piece of it back…a lesser of 2 evils. Ninty should consider bringing out more great exclusive games (like Mario Kart 8) to boost profits, not scrounging for pennies off their biggest fans – those willing to play, record, edit & upload videos which advertise Nintendo products.

  11. I still don't get why nintendo… why… there doing a pretty crap job at marketing just look at the tomodachi life ads on there channel

  12. +John Famas good joke Nintendo making shitty games , ha these idiotic trolls never get old

  13. The reason Nintendo do this is that they are out of touch with YouTube , and let's players. Their policies are becoming more liberal and I think the point is until the wii u sales pick up WHICH THEY WILL (it's a fantastic console for the last time) they need all the money they can get. Eventually they will let lets players play properly

  14. I'm sorry but this is a good thing. Firstly it's better than their previous claim all policy , so maybe eventually theyll just say whatever and let lets players play stuff for all the revenue.. The other reason is that this is what the future if YouTube copyright should be , not always , but if your video is claimed you should have the option to come to a deal and revenue split with the claimed , like this programme but only when claimed .alot of parody songs, would still be here, if like this

  15. Another bad move on Nintendo.

  16. Some games are shit an not worth 50 but good games an the other hand I see theirpoint so the real fix to the problem is stop making shitty games

  17. It just sounds like Nintendo setting up a protection racket on Youtube. Give us a cut of your ad dollars and we won't take your videos down. How is no one talking about the implications here?

  18. That last thing, if Nintendo can actually make that his partners make more money than normal youtubers, then they would have a ticket from PR Nightmare to PR Heaven.

    But I do not see that happen.

  19. that's messed up because EVERYONE still uploads nintendo with out this affiliate program. I wish i could but i don't want to take the risk.. i don't get it. We are still marketing the game when we upload..

  20. It means Nintendo is dead to me, and don't get me started because I started gaming on Nintendo and for a long ass time I was still a Nintendo Kid.

  21. Oh look, People who think just because they makes videos of NINTENDO GAMES, they're enclined to receive money for it and using "Free advertisment" for their excuse. 
    If you're only in it for the money, you will get no sympathy from no one which serves you right. Instead of complaining about not making money from it, perhaps you should to the Nintendo games BECAUSE YOU WANT TO, not for money. That just showcases exactly what your intention are seeing how Nintendo IS in the right for this. There are PLENTY of games other than Nintendo that you could showcase. 

  22. Can't wait for Nintendo to shit down after they fail at E3

  23. Nintendos gonna make us play game for money? sigh

  24. Stop defending Nintendo. 

  25. Are these Affiliate programs for everyone? Cause I have ideas for future Let's Plays but have no clue about these programs.

  26. I made a JRPG vid on a boss fight but it got blocked by copyright claim by Square Enix cause' a certain cutscene showed in my vid.

  27. I want to start LPing some nintendo games…my question though, if I dont plan on making money from it are they still going to come after me and take down my vids? 

  28. Nintendo would get much more money from its free advertising than the money they will get from royalties.

    The guy at Nintendo who thinks differently needs to find another job.

  29. nintendo has made a lot of bad and silly/stupid decisions in the past few years. i just dont know if i can trust them. i mean the 3ds line up this year is weak and the quality of their games on them i feel have decreased. it is almost the same with the wii u. they just need to focus on what will make people happy and how can we support our products more then limiting peoples actions and twiddling their thumbs at their failures. 

    i love nintendo dont get me wrong but they need to grow up and get with the 21st century already. their online everything sucks, their overall trust and quality has went down, sales are down (with a small pick me up from mario kart) and they literally have E3 to win people over or they should be done. 

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