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Why I Love 2 Tier Affiliate Program & How Much I Make From It

On this John Chow screencast, I clarify what a 2 tier affiliate program is and how you can make money from it. I offer you examples of 2 tier applications and present you the way a lot I make from one essentially the most worthwhile 2 tier affiliate applications in the business. Apply for my UCDL teaching program:

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14 thoughts on “Why I Love 2 Tier Affiliate Program & How Much I Make From It

  1. I love your honesty and straight forward explenation. I hope to soon buy the 21 step program.

  2. Thanks for the good vid!

  3. Awesome video man! If you can help me, I will help you! 😉 I have alot of questions and I can list them in detail in one email if it will help. Thanks again, Russell!

  4. excuse me Mr. Chow but would u suggest that I pay $49 to start with you or build my name then join move?

  5. Great vid John I'm a young 19 year old aff who has made over 300k in sales in under a year but I'm still learning everyday , need passive income like you now lol ,great work mr chow

  6. Great explanation! Nice numbers…

  7. Ur giving ur business away to someone else, That company iz a pyramid scheme

  8. this what it says on mobe "License To Make $5,000 Selling Platinum: When you get positioned in Platinum, you qualify to earn $5,000 commissions on Platinum sales that my phone sales team makes to your leads for you. If you don’t get positioned in Platinum, you “lose” these commissions." I thought I make a percentage of everything a customer that I referred makes? so I need to sign up to platinum to make Money of it?

  9. John.. affiliate marketing… Is it this simple—> Traffic to Squeeze Page to Email Marketing so you can make them your customers, followers, supporters, then keep marketing to them until they become loyal returning customers…. Is this the truth? Is that the only way to get sales and have a stable passive income with affiliate marketing?

  10. I never thought about affiliate marketing that way, but that's awesome!

  11. Passive income is where it's at…….totally agree

    This is not the only way to earn passive income though. I've gained passive income in the past from creative/artistic work that I've done. The only element you need is zero cost to replicate the sale. I would say that affiliate is definitely the most profitable though.

  12. After seeing your yesterday's video, I was wondering, how many of these are tier 2 sales and here you go. You made a video on it today. So I wanted to calculate earning per sale. If we count only tier 1 sales then MOBE offers potential of $193 per sale on $49 product and also $31 per sale on $49 product for tier 2 earning.That's amazing. So I have asked this question to Carolina also and I would like to ask you as well. Should I join MOBE with $49 in my pocket or should I wait until I have $2600 in my pocket? What do you suggest?

  13. That is awesome. Im working on doing the same.

  14. thats actually very valuable video and I love it how John make it so simply understandable

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