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YouTube Bodybuilding is Dead

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The days of constructing money of off YouTube adverts could also be over… For bodybuilding and heavy lifting channels. Learn easy methods to take management of your earnings and never rely on social media sources as your solely income.

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32 thoughts on “YouTube Bodybuilding is Dead

  1. I see someone like Jeff do that–YouTube is not his source of income. I don't think he even has his videos monetized. His main source is his site as well as being a physical therapist and a trainer. That should be the business model that is followed.

  2. It's simple. If you're in it for the money, and they don't want to pay you, stop wasting your time and making videos. Youtube is the only one who will benefit in his circumstance.

  3. Yo Steve! What you think about Ice Cream Fittnes (icf 5 x5) for begginers ? It is a good program to put on mass?

  4. The worlds just full of pussies. YT makes billions now they want to kill other people's dreams cause PC safe space bullshit.

  5. Lui makes most of his money from coaching clients.

  6. Nikki Blackketter, Lui Marco and Hodgetwins have all been hit.

  7. Looks like there will be a lot of new content on the website of Jimmy Z Productions…

  8. Why do you repeat what @Nick's Strength and Power talked about

  9. The Youtube demonetization of bodybuilding channels isn't only because of the steroid stigma. It also has to do with the fact that google and youtube hate anything that is over masculine. They are attacking masculinity and anything that doesn't lean to the left. Not only are fitness channels being hit..but anyone who talks about right wing politics are being hammered as well. So if you aren't a feminist, good luck.

  10. Good video Steve. You're a good dude.

  11. Steve please please please go over and check out Computing Forever. Dave is a wimpy little Irishman with an alpha mentality that absolutely covers this topic to it's fullest with a video on the same day that you did in a more broad sense. I've encouraged Nick to get in touch with Dave as well. I'm starting to think this is less about advertising revenue and more and more about controlling certain narratives. Watch Dave's video. Reach out to him after the events this weekend (I know you have your hands full right now with the fundraiser). The war on cencorship is only just beginning.

  12. Here's a good question. Would any of us actually pay a fee, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever, to watch any channel if that was the only way to watch it. If you can't say yes, then it isn't a viable medium. I mean we all skip ads if we can. How many people actually watch a complete ad on YT? How many people complain about ads popping up in the middle of videos? Think about it.

  13. YouTube, Amazon, Facebook and Google are *MONSTERS*.

  14. That was well said! Informative!

  15. Dat browning buck mark doe

  16. Just time for some new blood. Out with the old.

  17. They get butthurt about possible steroid relations (kinda true, when people claim "natural" each minute, but consume more than pros), but most of the biggest channels are people acting as if they overdid weed to their limits or did some drug combination with alcohol…

  18. Nobody should be worried about You Tube money….this is for fun not a job!!

  19. Thank you for shedding the light on these "professional youtubers" I always thought people trying to make a career off youtube is silly. Plus youtube is owned by a bunch of liberal propaganda promoters. You post or say anything they don't like, say goodbye to the $$$$ It's happening the politically conservative channels too, not just bodybuilding.

  20. I think the demonetization is because of the liberal feminist agenda–going to the gym for big muscles/becoming strong is being demonized as a sign of alt-right extremism.

    All forms of western masculinity are being attacked, no matter how benign they are in reality.

  21. Nick's Strength and Power isn't totally reliant on social media, he's rapidly moving on into new and varied sources, and has plans for his future outside of the internet…so not completely true in this video.

  22. You mentioned Jason Blaha channel what channel people like him should not have a right to have a channel because it's pure garbage. You learn nothing from this guy except everybody should be a vegan and if you're not you're a moron lol.The best thing could happened channels like his is to disappear because at the end of the day the channel should be educational not dumb. I think you have options there are providers like YouTube and people going to switch to those providers and then YouTube will going down in the drain.

  23. Nick's Strength & Power sitting on 180,000 subs and other yt fitness channels don't even know what the actual name of his channel is.
    He's bigger than most at point and channels have slept on him.

  24. You tubers should just get a real job.

  25. 2:24 hahaha silly bhud, dude come on.. blahas channel is not fitness related.

  26. steve is sitting down… shit about to go down

  27. Thanks for the video, clarified some things.

  28. You are a good guy, Steve.

  29. true vegan gains just released t shirts


  31. Finally, now my feed wont be filled with hundreds of pointless videos. Most channels aren't bring anything new to the table anyway. There just reality tv.

  32. Some troll once said that you need wait 400 years, before you can with pride tell everyone that you job is to be a youtuber.

    -Futhermore you need 18 million subs, 1 million of views in a day to make roughly 8 million USA Dollars. (This stats is what some gamer channels will make, like a Markiplier).

    -If you want to make 30 million dollars you need 13 billion views to your channel. Only one who has done this is PewDiePie.

    -As for steroids, as a hobbiest game creator i could say that youtube algorithm is an A.I. that monitors this website. (Well, this how i would do it.) In this algorithm has a forbidden words, like illegal drugs. Like steroids as they are doping drug. Long term uses has healthy issues. This algorithm then check a uploaded video. If there is something illegal there is high chance that this video is put down. However this algorithm is broken as monkeys butt. (as some parents can hit their kids in youtube, without any problem until, after 2 years someone finally turn them in.)

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